Epic final at Gainesville

In an epic final the UCF Knights could not defeat the UF Gators at their home in the 2011 Collegiate Rugby Florida Cup. The UCF Knights kept the score in first half 6-5 scoring two penalty kicks. By the end of the first half the UF Gators score another try with another conversion setting the score 12-6. In the second half the match was intense with lots of penalties from UF and most of scrums dominated by UCF, but it was not enough at the end of the match. UCF missed a penalty kick that could have taken them with only 3 points of difference. 3 more tries from UF fed the score to take the lead until the last minute when the UCF Knights scored their only try. The final score was 31-13 and the Gators raised the Florida Cup once again. At the end of the match some players put their heads down and coach Ken spoke to them and said: “Boys, it was a great season. You beat every other team in Florida and you got here to the finals because you played good rugby. That is something to be proud of. Good job Knights.” The UCF Knights will be focused in the Spring season in which there will be another chance to meet the Gators in the brackets for the National Championship. The UCF Knights will continue working in their strengths and improving their technique. This was an epic come back to the Florida Cup for the UCF Knights after more than five consecutive years not showing up in the finals. Let the Spring season come with more challenges for the UCF Knights. Go Knights!

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